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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Ranger Dice Set

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NOTE: The yellow dice are packaged separately and will be sent as soon as they are available. The yellow dice are in transit  our warehouse, but for now, your package will arrive with bonus orange dice instead!

Upgrade your dice! Bring extra color to the battle with this set of 14 translucent dice!

Contents Summary:

  • 2 Translucent Red Dice
  • 2 Translucent Blue Dice
  • 2 Translucent Green Dice
  • 2 Translucent Pink Dice
  • 2 Translucent Yellow Dice
  • 2 Translucent White Dice
  • 2 Translucent Black Dice
2 to 5
Time to Play:
45-60 Minutes
Game Designer:
Jonathan Ying
Game Artist:
Dan Mora