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  • Dead Men Tell No Tales Pre-Order

    Dead Men Tell No Tales Pre-Order


    Skelit’s Revenge.  The most feared ship on the high seas… you’ve finally overtaken it.  Captain Fromm and his skeleton crew have amassed a massive treasure, and now is your chance to board and plunder it all! Dead Men Tell No...

  • The Hunger

    Renegade Original

    The Hunger


    Vampires awake from their torpor as the eternal roses are blooming. You have until sunrise to run to the labyrinth and pick the most beautiful bloom, hunting for humans on your way, tempting familiars into helping you, and increasing your powers to...

  • Transformers Deck Building Card Game Jazz Promo Pack


    Transformers Deck-Building Game Bonus Pack


    This Transformers Deck-Building Game Bonus Pack is Renegade exclusive and not available through distribution! It features fan-favorite music lover Jazz as a playable character, as well as 4 additional cards for the main deck!

  • Warp's Edge Token Upgrade Pack

    Warp's Edge Token Upgrade Pack


    Order this Token Upgrade pack for use with Warp’s Edge! Includes 118 Plastic Upgraded Tokens!

  • Power Rangers: Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Box

    Power Rangers

    Power Rangers: Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Box


    Includes all the Kickstarter exclusives and stretch goals from the Phase 1 Power Rangers Kickstarter! Green with Evil Expansion Scorpina Figure 8 Scorpina Master Cards 1 Scorpina Deployment Card Evil Green Ranger Figure 8 Evil Green Ranger Monster...

  • Search for Planet X New Horizon Upgrade Pack

    Renegade Original

    Search for Planet X New Horizon Upgrade Pack


    This Deluxe Upgrade Pack is only available in limited quantities Includes 8 Metal Tokens (2 per player)48 Poker-Style Clay Theory Tokens (12 per player)4 Player Trayz by GameTrayz

  • Transformers Deck-Building Game 3D Cover


    Transformers Deck-Building Game


    Download the revised rulebook here. The Autobots are brave robot warriors hailing from the planet Cybertron. Their mission? To stop the Decepticons from enacting their evil schemes on Earth. In this deck-building game, you will take on the role of...

  • My Father's Work

    My Father's Work

    My Father's Work


    Released June 2022! App Status: The app is nearing completion. There are a few final adjustments our developer is making so we can ensure the best possible experience for those who play the game. We expect to be able to submit the app for approval on...

  • 3D Box image

    Renegade Original

    World's Fair 1893


    Available exclusively at Amazon. The World's Fair of 1893 in Chicago was a spectacular international exhibition that showcased many great achievements in science, technology, culture, and entertainment. In the Mensa Select Award-winning World's Fair...

  • Warp's Edge 3d box

    Solo Hero Series

    Warp's Edge


    You are rookie pilot, Taylor Minde. Stranded in the far reaches of space, you emerge from hyperspace to find yourself on the doorstep of the enemy fleet! You go in with cannons blazing, but you’re no match for them. In the instant before you are...